More reindeer decorations

Last year I showed pictures of part of my reindeer collection and this year I’m sharing more of my reindeer decorations. A good thing about this collection is that it’s only out during the yuletide season. I look forward to seeing them every year!

This large metal reindeer looks delicate, but it’s heavy. I like displaying it underneath this metal sun sculpture.

more reindeer decorations

This beauty is made from blown glass. I love how this one’s pose is so confidant.

Glass ornament

This one has impressive antlers. They’re so heavy, it has to rest on the branches of my tree.

Plastic and metal reindeer

These three soft rubber deer were made in the 1960s in Japan. They’re made from the same material as dog toys so I’m careful to keep them up high, away from curious dogs. 😉

more reindeer decorations

This brass decoration captures the spirit of a reindeer without too many details

brass deer decoration

The last ornament is bold and flashy. You gotta have a little attitude if you’re going to fly around the world delivering gifts, right?

Silver plastic reindeer

If you want to see more reindeer decorations, check out Reindeers on my tree.

I recently shared a picture of reindeer migrating in the snow. Are they real? Hmmm.

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