Firepits at Winterfest 2023 : LAPC

In February, we went to see firepits at Winterfest at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond, Oregon. You never know what kinds of things the participants of the firepit section will come up with. The firepits used to be on display on park service land along the Deschutes River in Bend.

This one looks like a Viking ship, complete with dragon head and tail.

Ship firepit

Here’s a closer look at its head. Look at those teeth!

close up of dragon

Flowers and forest firepits

This firepit looked like a round flower, full of flame.

Flower fire

This looked more like a daylily.

flower firepits

This one looked like a big stump covered with bark.

tree trunk fire

Geometric firepits

Several of the firepits were more geometric. I really liked this one.

geometric firepits

This one looks like an Olympic torch, waiting to be lit.


Some have lots of straight lines and color. I liked the bold blue color of this one.

blue square firepit

This one also has straight lines with an interesting sun and moon motif.

Tall fireplace

This square one has the Harley Davidson logo.

Harley firepit

This one looks like it would fit right into a corner.

square fire

Round firepits

Some firepits are more rounded. I liked the open framework of this one and the red color.

red round firepits

This one always reminds me of the Seattle Space Needle.

tower fire

Hanging pits

A couple of the pits hung from chains, like this one.

hanging fire

This one was like a large, cooking pot. I liked the flame cutouts on the base.

hanging pot firepits

Odds and Ends

Some don’t fit neatly into any category. This giant anvil reflects the fire-related theme.

anvil firepit

There were lots of details on this guitar-shaped firepit. It’s gorgeous!

guitar firepits

This one was an octopus engulfing a small boat.

octopus fire

Here’s a closer look at it. This was another one of my favorites.

octopus on boat firepits

The last one I’m featuring looks kind of like a tree trunk. When you look a little closer, you’ll glimpse a flamingo peeking out.

flamingo firepit

Like I said at the beginning of the post, you never know what kind of firepits you’ll see!

See more of my firepit photos from the 2020 festival and the 2016 festival.

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