Oregon Winterfest: A feast for the senses

Oregon WinterFest celebrates the winter season here in Central Oregon. This is the 17th year of the event. Here are few photos from the recent event.

Ice Sculptures

You can see pictures of some of the ice sculptures above. The bird sculpture was still in the process of being carved. This is a competition but I’m not sure who won it this year.

Oregon Winterfest Fire King & Ice Queen
Fire King & Ice Queen

Royalty arrives

The Fire King and Ice Queen made their entry on horseback. The queen called herself “Princess Ariel Anna Belle Elsa Cinderella Rapunzel.”

Oregon Winterfest Inside the tents
Inside the tents

Things to see and do

There were booths to get food, beverages, and handmade crafts inside the large tents. There were also quite a few food carts outside.


The Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild had demonstrations and workshops scheduled throughout the event. You could make your own large wall hook for $20.

There were several bands playing at the event. A couple of my favorites were The Company Grand and the B Side Brass Band.  The Company Grand is a 10-member band that harkens back to the big band era while throwing in some modern sounds. B Side Brass Band is a New Orleans-inspired band with a great sound and a ton of enthusiasm. Both bands are local.

Activities at the event included a high-flying dirt bike show, a flying dog show, a Children’s Area, a Star Wars-themed run, and a wine walk. I previously posted pictures of the Fire Pit Competition, one of my favorite things at this event.

For a good cause

This year the proceeds from admission fees from the Oregon Winterfest went to Saving Grace, a local organization that provides support services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. If you are thinking about going next year, keep in mind that the money raised goes towards local causes.

FIRE! Fire pit competition in Bend

Did that get your attention? I went to the Oregon WinterFest event here in Bend this weekend and took some pictures of the Fire Pit Competition that I wanted to share with you. This is the 17th year of the festival so it has a long history in the area. This is the fourth year for the fire pit competition and there are more entries every year.

The dragon and a fire pit with the flag bridge and Deschutes River in the background.

The fire pits came in many shapes and sizes.

Fire pit competition WinterFest

This one had an enclosure with mirrors.

Fire Pit competition WinterFest

This one was like a huge globe.

Flowers of flame and a burning stump.

Fire pit competition WinterFest

This one tied everything together into a nice package.

Some were tall and others were closer to the ground.

Fire pit competition WinterFest

Visitors were glad to have many places to warm up.

Some of the pieces were very intricate.

Would you prefer steaming hot espresso or a roasted garlic?

Fire Pit competition WinterFest

This one provided shelter from the breezy conditions on Saturday night.

Fire pit competition WinterFest

You could tell that the artists put a lot of heart into their work.

Hope you have a nice Valentines’s Day!