Aspen trees far away & up close: LAPC

Aspen trees in the fall are beautiful from far away and up close. I’m featuring autumn portraits of aspens in central and eastern Oregon.

A far away aspen stand glowing in a blaze of color on Hart Mountain.

Aspen grove on Hart Mountain, Oregon  October

Moving in closer to… an aspen-lined meadow at Aspen Day Use Area near Dillon Falls.

Aspen trees bordering meadow

Taking a step closer to… a golden-leaved aspen in Pine Nursery Park in Bend.

Aspen trees at Pine Nursery Park, Oregon

Edging in closer to… the many-eyed bark of aspen trees in the Old Mill District of Bend.

Old Mill District, Bend, Oregon

Focusing up close on… frosty aspen leaves near Sunriver Nature Center.

Frosty meadow at Sunriver 21Oct2016

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Eyes of Fall Watching You: LAPC

Eyes of fall on tree trunks 18Nov2016

The eyes of fall are watching you…

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