A winter wonderland: Thursday Tree Love

There’s a winter wonderland in my yard near Bend, Oregon. My favorite western juniper is dressed up for the season with a few inches of snow.

Snowfall softens edges while sharpening the contrast. It can also mute colors, as it did in this photo. The structure shines through, even on a cloudy day.

Winter wonderland

Thursday Tree Love #138

15 thoughts on “A winter wonderland: Thursday Tree Love

  1. Wow, that’s gorgeous. My favorite thing (well, one of my favorite things) about winter is the return of the Varied Thrush. I’m imagining it perched on a branch in this tree. It’s a beautiful world, isn’t it?

  2. Very pretty, and I see what you mean about muting the colours – I would have taken this for a black and white shot! I hear you have very cold weather on the way over there – stay warm!

    • Yeah, there’s barely any color in that picture. Very cold temps over various parts of the U.S. At least we haven’t had high winds here!

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