Reindeer on my tree

These reindeer on my tree are part of my reindeer collection. The great thing about a seasonal collection is that it’s only out for part of the year. It gives you something to look forward to.

Some of the ornaments, like the Fitz and Floyd one below, have value as a collectible.

Reindeer on my tree

Others, like this ceramic one, have a different kind of value. I’ve reattached the antlers more than once on this sentimental piece.

Ceramic ornament

Some, like this wooden one, are more arts and crafts than fine art.

Wooden ornament
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Others, like this leaping snowflake-studded one, portray the joyfulness of the season.

Leaping reindeer

Some, like this clear one, sparkle and reflect the multicolored lights.

Reindeer on my tree

Others, like this graceful leaper, are brushed with touches of gold.

Gilded ornament

Though I have quite a few reindeer on my tree, I’m always looking for one more special piece.

I also like to display my small collection of plush reindeer. Can you find my cat, Motor, in this photo from my archives?

He found his happy spot. I hope you too find moments of joy over the holidays. šŸ˜

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24 thoughts on “Reindeer on my tree

  1. Oh my goodness Siobhan, I had to look long and hard for Motor. He must have really loved being surrounded by all of those plush reindeers. Your tree reindeer are really beautiful. Have you collected them yourself or do your loved ones know how much you love them and gift them to you?

    • Yes, Motor was super mellow so piling a few stuffed animals around him just made him happy. šŸ˜ I found some of the reindeer myself and others were gifts.

  2. Lots of beauty and memories I am sure! I must admit I have never seen a reindeer in a Christmas tree before – and you have so many! Thank you for sharing them! A pat to little Motor, who seems to have found a comfortable place among the other softiies!

  3. I LOVE your reindeer ornament collection! What a good idea for me to start one now that I have room for a tree again! Another blogger had some beautiful reindeer decorations for her Christmas scenes. Your kitty looks awful happy nestled among the toys šŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Terri! It was fun to collect over the years. Hope you enjoy starting a collection too. šŸ˜€ Yes, Motor was a very happy kitty!

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