Pause in a xeriscaped garden: Pull up a seat

Last July, on the High Desert Garden Tour in Bend, I was happy to see a place to pause in a xeriscaped garden. What is xeriscaping, you may ask. Here’s the dictionary definition:

a landscaping method developed especially for arid and semiarid climates that utilizes water-conserving techniques (such as the use of drought-tolerant plants, mulch, and efficient irrigation)

Merriam-Webster dictionary
pause in a xeriscaped garden

Are xeriscaped gardens boring? No! This garden was designed by Rick Martinson, formerly of Wintercreek Restoration and Nursery. He’s now the executive director of the Worthy Garden Club. Rick has been encouraging people to use plants that require little water for years.


Can xeriscaping help make your house a home and impress your guests? Yes! Look at this comfortable bench bordered by penstemon and buckwheat blossoms.

pause in a xeriscaped garden

Are there very many types of flowers that grow in low water gardening? Yes! You can plant a wide variety of flowering plants including various types of lupine, penstemon, columbine, phlox, globemallow, yarrow, and monkey flower.

Here’s a link to an illustrated catalog of plants available at Wintercreek.

The picture below shows a sticky geranium, Geranium vicosisssimum.

Sticky geranium

What about trees? Can you only grow sagebrush in this type of landscaping? No!

This garden included the following trees: birch, hemlock, incense cedar, and vine maple.

It also included the following shrubs: sagebrush, golden currant, desert sweet, four wing saltbush, desert peach, mountain mahogany, chokecherry, serviceberry, silver buffaloberry, elderberry, and mountain ash.

The picture below shows an oak-leaf sumac, Rhus trilobata, growing in their yard.

Oak-leaf sumac

As drought conditions continue to affect more places, some are requiring homeowners to use landscaping that requires less water.

I enjoy taking a pause in a xeriscaped garden in my own yard and my wildlife neighbors enjoy it too. 😀

Pull Up a Seat Challenge