Time accelerates haiku: SS, HPC, FOL, NPC

time accelerates
color flies through restless leaves
the end of autumn

time accelerates

Sunday Stills (SS) – Leaves, Autumn or Spring; Monthly Color Challenge – Brown

Haiku Prompt Challenge (HPC) – Time & flies

Festival of Leaves (FOL) 2023

Nature Photo Challenge (NPC)- Autumn colours

Bend’s leaves of fall: NPC & FOL

This morning, while out walking along the Mill A Loop Trail, I noticed many of Bend’s leaves of fall.

This aspen tree was surrounded by gold and green.

Bend's leaves of fall

The towers of Deschutes Brewery and the old train station were framed by trees of red, gold, orange, and green leaves.

Deschutes Brewing & fall foliage

The red stems and leaves of red osier dogwood stand out in contrast with green shrubs growing nearby.

Bend's leaves of fall
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