The art of quilters in Sisters, Oregon: LAPC

When I was strolling down Hood Avenue on 9 July 2022, something across the street caught my eye. I was there to see the art of quilters at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Though the event has taken breaks due to wildfire smoke and pandemics, it proudly celebrated its 47th year in 2022.

A WOW! quilt

Quilt show

I had to take a closer look at this quilt. WOW! I think it was my favorite of the whole show. The intricate stitching and subtle changes in color drew me towards it. There are signs telling you not to touch the quilts, but I really wanted to touch this one.

Art of quilters

I continued my walk and noted some of the interesting architecture in this western-themed town. This clock business was one of my favorites. I’ve always wanted to live in a house with a tower.

Clock store

Attention getters

Some quilts attracted a lot of attention and I had to wait for visitors to pass by before snapping a picture. Here is one of those.

Art of quilters

And here’s another one. You can see why visitors were attracted to them.

Art of quilters

Here’s another with a starburst pattern.

colorful quilt

And one with a star pattern.

Star quilt

Fruit and plant patterns

The quilt below included a crop of pineapples. I remember my Hawaiian auntie telling me they symbolize welcome, happiness, and the hospitality associated with the islands.

Pineapple quilt

Plant patterns were popular. This one included cactus. I like it because it reminded me of the cactus blooming in my own garden right now.

Cactus quilt

The colorful quilt at the right end shows a garden in full bloom.

Quilt display

Here’s a closer look at the vibrant tones of the quilt on the left end of the picture. Gorgeous!

Warm tones quilt

Visiting businesses

This show shines a light on the work of quilters and businesses you may have overlooked. Here’s an outdoor recreation gear store.

outdoor store

This is a real estate business.

realtor in Sisters

And here’s another outdoor equipment store.

Eurosports in Sisters

This quilt hung outside the front door. It’s another of my favorites. It’s like a bouquet of intense colors.

art of quilters

The same but different

Some quilts used parts of the same pattern but different fabrics. Here is one…

vertical patterns

And here’s another in different colors.

vertical patterns

The art of quilters using different shapes

Some quilts had patterns within squares.

small quilt

Here’s another one, on the left.

quilt display

This line of quilts had several square-based patterns.

art of quilters

Others were more diamond shaped.

art of quilters

This one had a beautiful compliment of colors.

art of quilters

A few had bold hexagons full of color.

art of quilters

Others incorporated overlapping circles.

art of quilters

Some contained a combination of shapes, composed of triangles and diamonds.

quilts on display

The lines of this quilt drew my attention.

red black and white quilt

Well, that’s it for my coverage of the 2022 Sisters Outdoor Quilt show. I hope you were impressed by the art of quilters.

After spending a lot of time editing this three-part post, I think it’s time for me to zone out and watch a little TV. 😉

TV quilt

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Summer Vibes

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