More quilts in Sisters, Oregon: LAPC

Once again, I am sharing images of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show on 9 July 2022. Today I’ll show quilts with critters, people, holidays, and places.

Quilts on display

Buzzing bees on quilts

One of the groups attending the event had a bee-themed challenge.

More quilts

The one below was my favorite. It’s simple but complex at the same time.

Bee quilt

This “Phoebee” quilt had a lot of quilting stiches.

Bee quilt

This one had a more traditional design.

Bee quilt

Since we were there before the event started, participants were still in the process of hanging quilts.

Bee quilts

I liked the bright colors and patterns of this one.

colorful bee quilt

Another more traditional quilt on the left. See the bee on the left middle side?

bee quilts

This quilt has bee-patterned fabric. The pieces are small and yellow.

bee quilt

Another insect up close

I liked this preying mantis one because of its design and because these insects are so interesting. We had them as pets years ago. I’ve seen a couple species of mantises in our yard in Bend.

mantis quilt

Fine feathers

This quilt had delicate feathers bordering a center scene.

feather quilt

This one had feathers made from small pieces of many different kinds of fabric.

feather quilt

More quilts with critters – Cats and dogs

This colorful quilt showed cats in various poses. Did you notice one with an eye patch and another wearing a beard?

cat quilt

Here’s another colorful quilt. This one shows a dog in the same pose, but each square uses different colored fabric.

dog quilt

Elephants and other creatures

The quilt on the left below shows an elephant in several of the pieces. The one on the right was one of my favorites. It includes, fruit, leaves, birds, and mammals.

Quilts on display

People on quilts

There were a few quilts with portraits of people. The one on the left below captured their expressions so well.

more quilts

Here it is from a distance. Flowers in bloom helped frame the art hung outside the buildings.

quilts on display

The second one from the right below shows a stolen embrace beneath an umbrella. The quilt on the right side shows a bed piled high with quilts with a person resting on top. It reminded me of the Princess and the Pea story.

people quilts

This intricate quilt included portrayals of people from all over the world.

International people quilt

This one showed masks bordered by colorful flowers and bright bands of color.

mask quilt

Of course people are a big part of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. The picture below shows a few of the 10,000+ visitors.

more quilts


Quilters like to recognize holidays on quilts. This quilt shows scenes of Christmas.

Christmas quilt

Here are three more winter holiday quilts. The man standing in front of them had a “jolly” personality. St. Nick in disguise?

winter quilts

The quilts on this building included a couple focusing on holidays.

more quilts

Here are a couple quilts with a fall holiday related theme.

fall quilts


Some of the quilts focused on places. This first one showed a city and beach beneath a starry sky.

city quilt

The two on the left shown below show slices of city scenes, in monotone and color.

city quilts

The second one from the right shows scenes from a trip to Italy.

more quilts

I liked the colors and pattern of this cityscape. This was one of my favorites.

city quilt

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Summer Vibes

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  1. Thank you for sharing the images of the Sisters Quilt show. It’s been a long time since I attended.

    • You’re welcome, Vikki! Hope you feel better soon. I’ll be posting one more batch of quilt photos on Friday.

  2. Oh gosh, I was going to tell you which were my favourites, but every time I scrolled down I found a couple more to add to the list! Certainly that circular cityscape is among them, the sunflowers and both the feather ones. And of course the elephants!

    • Thanks, Sarah! Yes, it’s hard to choose. I’m doing one more post on Friday that includes my favorite. 😁

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