Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon: LAPC

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is one of the biggest events in Central Oregon. You know it’s summer when you start seeing advertisements about the show.

Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters

Set in the small town of Sisters, Oregon, this show “is internationally recognized as the world’s largest outdoor quilt show.” The show often displays more than 1,300 quilts. Visitors from all over the world gather in Sisters on the second Saturday in July to view the quilts.

The quilts shown include more traditional patterns.

Colorful patterns
outdoor quilt show

And quilts more modern in design.

The outdoor quilt show begins at 9:00 am and we arrived a little after 8:00. There were already a lot of people there. I took A TON of pictures and will divide them up into several posts.

Community participation at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

We noticed a big crowd of people standing in front of a fire engine, taking pictures and applauding.

Firefighters in Sisters

The firefighters help hang the quilts on the tallest building in the show. At this community event, residents and visitors are grateful for their help. It’s fitting that the theme for this year’s show was Community.

Firefighters in Sisters

Messages of quilts

The themes on the quilts varied. Some had nice messages in words.

Words on quilt

Words in stitches

Others had messages that made you laugh.

Funny message

Some got their message across in shapes filled with color.

Outdoor quilt show

outdoor quilt show

outdoor quilt show

Dark backgrounds

This year I spotted several on dark backgrounds. It makes the colors stand out.

light on dark patterns

leaves of many colors

outdoor quilt show

outdoor quilt show

rainbow colors

Most of the businesses in town participate in this event. Even the liquor store participated!

Sisters businesses

Take a closer look

Some were more than they appeared to be at first glance. The solid red quilt shown below had amazing patterns in the stitching.

Red quilt

This quilt had tiny, precisely stitched colored pieces over a white quilted background.

precise patterns

Some of the quilts were three dimensional.


Quilts all around town

This show showcases the quilts, but it also highlights the small businesses in this western-themed town. Sisters is on U.S. Highway 20, a West-East highway that traverses 3,365-miles from coast to coast.

Quilts hang on all the available space on some of the businesses right on the highway.

outdoor quilt show

more quilts

Don’t forget to look in the alleyways.

art in an alley

The quilts in one section hung over murals depicting scenes in and around Sisters. Art layered over art.

art on art

I liked the sign on the High Desert Chocolates store. It read, “In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind & Eat Chocolate.”

high desert chocolates

I also found the sign below appealing for some reason. 😉

quilts and beer

Cheers to the six quilters featured in the Showcase section!

outdoor quilt show

Congrats to everyone who participated in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Summer Vibes

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  1. Oh wow, this is amazing 😮 I would love to see it! I’ve always loved traditional American quilts and used to do some quilting. I really like those ones with the dark background, but all of these are works of art!

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