Edibles & more gardens High Desert Garden Tour: FF

When I went on the High Desert Garden Tour in Bend, Oregon in July 2022, I was impressed by a couple edibles & more gardens. Their yards had edible plants in the front, sides, and back.

These are gooseberries growing on a shrub in full sun. I remember a gooseberry plant at one of my childhood homes.


These radishes were in a raised bed. We grow them as well and I love their spicy taste.

edibles & more garden Radishes

Raspberries! One of my favorite fruits. Over the years, our dogs have enjoyed eating them off the vines so we have to pick them fast.


You can see the raspberries growing and espaliered apples on the right side of this picture. They had a nice sitting area beside an outdoor woodstove.

edibles & more garden

Here’s another view of the backyard from a different angle. The rock wall serves as a divider and a planter. Flowering in this yard include echinacea and asters.

Landscaped yard

Blue atlas cedar, Japanese white pine, and ‘Red Baron’ crabapple trees shade the landscape.

Another stop on the tour had a collection of roses growing beside the house.

This low-growing rose pretty red and white flower was set off by the purple flower beside it.

low growing garden

They had several fruit trees including apples, plums, cherries, pears, peaches, apricots, and nectarines. Here’s a Rainier cherry tree.

edibles & more

I was glad to visit edibles & more gardens as part of the tour. It inspired me to try to plant more fruit and vegetables in our own garden.

Friday Flowers

Floral Friday

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    • Thanks, Patti! We have radishes, carrots, onions, strawberries, and raspberries this year. Yes, our dogs have always loved to browse the berries.

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