Oregon photos, 10 favorites: LAPC

When I looked through my Oregon photos, it was hard to narrow it down to only ten pictures for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge of Tell us why. These are the photos I chose, shown by category.

Oregon photos of history

Sometimes you take a picture and when you look at it later on a larger screen, you say, “Wow!”

I took this picture of an old homestead without fussing with the settings first. It almost looks like one of those old-time stereoscope images. I like this photo because it captured a glimpse of history.

Oregon photos old homestead

I took a lot of pictures of the Spruce Goose aircraft in McMinnville and described it in a recent post. When I saw the lines in this photo, I knew it would look great in black and white.

Spruce Goose

Majestic mountains

I noticed I had many portraits of majestic mountains when I browsed through my Oregon photos.

The first photo, is of Steens Mountain, in southeast Oregon. The lupine was in bloom so I focused on its purple flowers. This 50-mile long mountain is one of my favorite places in Oregon. I like taking pictures that show its powerful presence.

Purple mountain majesties Steens Mountain, Oregon
Steens Mountain, Oregon

The Painted Hills are a couple hours east of my home in Bend. I waited for a rainstorm since the moisture brings out the colors of the soil. I like how the clouds overhead seem to direct your attention to these magical mountains.

Painted Hills Oregon

Oregon photos of desert flowers

I have always admired High Desert flowers. They have adapted well to the desert’s hot days and cool nights.

Some, like this bitterroot, are tiny, delicate beauties. Their roots have long been treasured by Indigenous peoples. I like how this picture shows their persistence, despite the harsh environment.


Others, like this evening primrose, open at night and fill the air with an enchanting perfume. This is one of my favorites because the lighting was perfect.

Evening primrose

Furred & feathered

If you keep an eye out, you might see interesting sights near home. Favorite photos don’t have to be perfect if they capture a memorable moment.

This Barred Owl visited our yard for about a week, feasting on Pacific Tree Frogs in our pond. The lights are on a timer and happened to be on while the owl was there. Though this picture is slightly blurred, I like how it shows the owl’s concentration while hunting its prey.

Barred Owl in Bend

Another day, a bunny came right up to our back door where it appeared to have a deep conversation with my cat. Yes, I wish that rock wasn’t on my back porch, but this is still one of my favorite pictures. It makes me smile every time I see it. 😁

Bunny & Kitty FaceTime

Sunrise & sunset

We have amazing sunrises and sunsets here in Bend.

I like to walk near sunrise and was impressed by the warm tones and rays of sunshine piercing the clouds over the landscape on this morning. I gasped when I saw this amazing scene and was happy I got a picture of it before it faded.

Sunrise at Pine Nursery Park,

On another day, cool-toned clouds framed my favorite western juniper tree. This ancient tree in my yard is my muse. I have photographed it surrounded by colorful clouds, frosted with new snow, embracing a full moon in its tangled branches, and providing shelter for wild creatures. Every day, it reminds me why I have chosen to capture and create images to share with the world.

Oregon photos Bend sunset

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Tell us why

25 thoughts on “Oregon photos, 10 favorites: LAPC

  1. I love that you featured Oregon only Siobhan! They’re all special and indicative of your love for your surroundings there. The owl is marvelous (I did remember that one!) and your colorful skies are amazing.But of course the cat and the rabbit is my favorite for the week just because it’s such an unusual moment so perfectly captured!

    • Thanks, Tina! I decided to narrow the scope to Oregon because there were so many pictures to choose from. It was a good challenge!

  2. I love your collection, Siobhan and how it reveals your photographic interests and special moments. The cat and the rabbit…your muse…those beautiful flowers…the Spruce Goose…those incredible skies…Lovely!

  3. I love how you’ve chosen to focus on your home state for this challenge. The mountain images stood out for me in particular, your compositions really emphasise their majesty!

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