Snowy Owl drawing: First Friday Art

Today I’m sharing a pen and ink drawing I did of a Snowy Owl. Some have more black markings on their feathers than others.

Snowy owl drawing

I once took a long drive to see a Snowy Owl when I lived in Bellingham, in northwestern Washington state. The owl had been spotted in a residential neighborhood in Point Roberts, Washington. To get to the peninsula where Point Roberts is located, you have to drive into Canada or get there by boat. At that time, it was quick and easy to drive into Canada from the states.

I’m including a map to show where Point Roberts is. Zoom out to get a better view.

When I got to where the owl was, I watched it perch on a fence post in someone’s yard, oblivious to the crowds flocking around it. The bird was there for a few days, just long enough for many birders to check this species off their list.

Snowy Owls occasionally migrate to locations far away from their normal range. All About Birds notes how their migrations are extremely variable and may be related to the fluctuating populations of lemmings. The picture below is from my archives.

Close up of owl

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4 thoughts on “Snowy Owl drawing: First Friday Art

  1. Absolutely love Snowy Owls and every winter we hunt the local fields for ones that come drop down into IL during the colder months. Managed to get our first pictures of a male (more white) a few weeks ago about 2 hrs away. Of course you have to take a ton of shots of white bags trapped in a plowed field before you get a real one ha.

    • Yeah, I love them too! Glad you got to see one recently. This was my most out if the way trip to see a bird. 🙂

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