The Meadow – A peaceful retreat: LAPC

For more than 25 years our family camped in a place we called “The Meadow” in northeastern Washington state. Though this site didn’t have luxuries like running water or restrooms, it was a peaceful retreat.

The first three pictures show different views of The Meadow. Stands of aspen and mixed conifers border the large grass meadow. This site is at an elevation of around 4,500 feet and hosts a wide variety of wildlife including three kinds of grouse, moose, deer, bear, cougar, and probably wolves. I had a memorable experience one day when a great gray owl drifted over me on its whisper quiet wings.

The next three photos show a couple of our pets from the past and a pest. Can you see the chipmunk silhouetted on the pine tree trunk? The chipmunks and camp robber birds would steal food right off your plate if you weren’t watching. In another picture you can see our dog, Keyah, walking in front of a place we called “Big Rock.” The kids loved climbing on top of this massive boulder. The other picture shows our dog, Leto, resting in front of the campfire. This boulder was a perfect backdrop for our fires.

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The next three photos show a few of the treasures we found near our camp. The lichen looked as though someone sprayed it with fluorescent green paint. The dew-covered mushroom looked like a strange, rounded blob on the forest floor. But the best thing I ever found was a shed deer antler. After camping there for so many years and searching for antlers, I found this one right next to our campsite. The antler was found on our very last trip to The Meadow and it’s something I will always treasure.

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20 thoughts on “The Meadow – A peaceful retreat: LAPC

  1. What a beautiful place! I understand your going there year after year. The owl experience must have been awesome. Many years ago while on a ride in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming I saw a snowy owl nearby and then some years ago while a friend and I were riding, two large owls flew overhead and then flew back the other way. It was amazing and the only times I’ve been fortunate enough to see owls there.


    • Yes, it’s a beautiful place, Janet. You are lucky to have had those experiences with owls! They are magical and magnificent creatures.

  2. What a beautiful, peaceful place Siobhan, I can see why it is so special for you. Especially in light of having shared it with people you love. I laughed at the end when i tried to figure out what the antlers were as I though they were part of the base they were on! Funny they were there waiting for you when you weren’t looking! Loved your post this week.

    • Thank you, Tina! My dog almost got that antler when it was sitting there. He thought it looked like a good chew toy. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful spot with us. I’m no fan of camping but I can see that it would be a special place in which to do so. The lichen is wonderful!

    • Thanks, Amy! Yes, our dogs always enjoyed their trips there. Finding the antler was great after all those years of searching.

  4. Beautiful post Siobhan! It brought back memories of when we camped while our kids were young. But we would pick campgrounds that had a toilet and a water spigot. Yes, I was and still am spoiled!

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