Gentian in Yellowstone: 1-to-3 Photo Challenge

I’m sharing photos I took of fringed gentian in Yellowstone National Park last June. We like to visit in the spring so we can take pictures of the wildflowers in bloom. This gentian can be seen on the trails overlooking Old Faithful. It’s the official flower of the park.

I’ll be showing how I processed this picture three ways with Corel PaintShop Pro 2021. Prior to trying out the various effects, I increased the brightness and sharpness slightly.

The first two show the original image and the same picture with a geometric effect. For this image I went to Effects>Geometric>Circle>Default>Wrap. It makes it look like a delicate ornament surrounded by more flowers.

Gentian in Yellowstonecircle editing of blooming flowers

The next two show the original image and a vignette effect. For this image I went to Effects>Photo Effects>Vignette. I darkened the frame slightly. This a great effect to use for flowers since you can blur out the background and sharpen the main subject.

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Gentian in Yellowstonevignette effect on flowers

The last two show the original gentian in Yellowstone image and a colored chalk effect. For this image I went to Effects>Art Media Effects>Colored Chalk>High Detail. This is more subtle effect. It mimics the softness of an art piece created with chalk.

Gentian in Yellowstonechalk effect of gentian in Yellowstone

One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge February 2022

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