Some of my best photos from 2021: LAPC, SS

It’s time to share special photos from the past year. Please enjoy this selection of nature, history, and art photos from Bend Branches.

Best Nature Pictures

The first photo shows a scene at the Portland Japanese Garden. We visited in October, when fall colors were at their peak.

best photos Portland Japanese Garden

This picture shows a pronghorn buck at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. My following pronghorn post includes several pictures of these icons of the West.

Grazing pronghorn buck in Yellowstone

We get spectacular sunsets and sunrises in our High Desert yard in Bend, Oregon. I wrote a two-line essence poem to go along with this image.

best photos dusk desert sky
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The next photo shows Emerald Pool at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. The contrasting colors around this hot spring make it one of my favorites.

Emerald Pool, Yellowstone

This photo is of a Cooper’s hawk right after she had a bath. This regular visitor to our yard is always entertaining!

Cooper's hawk visited me

Best History Photos

This is a picture of one of the passages in the burial tomb at Knowth in County Meath, Ireland. I wrote a short story to go along with pictures of this historic site.

Best photos Knowth, Ireland

This is a biplane located at the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum in Hood River, Oregon. Black and white processing shows off the structure of this plane.

nose to nose with biplane

This picture shows an old farm truck parked along a rural road in Bend, Oregon. It’s parked along one of the 51 farm-to-market roads built in Deschutes County during the early 1900s.

Best photos old truck

This is a display of tail dresses at the High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon. They’re called tail dresses because the deer’s tail is left on the cured skin. You can see them near the neckline on these dresses.

Tail dresses at High Desert Museum

This picture shows an old farmhouse and windmill at a ranch in Central Oregon. To give this a more aged appearance, I used a filter that muted the reds.

A home from the past in Oregon

Best Art Pictures

This is a close-up view of a bison sculpture by Greg Congleton, one of my favorite local artists. The name of this sculpture is Wooly Bully.

best photos bison sculpture

This is a sculpture of Sacagawea that’s located at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West museum in Cody, Wyoming. I admired how the artist portrayed her as a calm yet powerful presence.

Sacagawea sculpture in Cody

This is a close-up view of a mural located outside a computer repair store in Bend, Oregon. Born Again Babylan represents mysteries of the past and technology of the future. See the whole mural here.

close up of mural

I featured the next image for a haiku challenge with the words blue and world as prompts. This art piece is at Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland. It represents bubbles forming during the beer brewing process.

Blue worlds sculpture

The last picture shows an ornament on my Christmas tree. I have a collection of reindeer and I like this one because of its joyful expression. The ornaments are each like a tiny work of art.

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32 thoughts on “Some of my best photos from 2021: LAPC, SS

  1. Wow, Siobhan, you really made the rounds in 2021! I love your shots of areas of Ireland, a place I am yearning to visit one day! And I also enjoyed reading about the sights to see in the Bend and central Oregon area, since I consider this part of our massive backyard of the PNW! I appreciated your stories behind the images as well, and I just mentioned the Aerospace museum to my hubby–definitely a destination to visit in the near future there in Hood River! Thank you for your support of Sunday Stills and Happy New Year!

    • Thanks so much, Terri! The museum in Hood River is great. Hope you do much more exploring next year. Have a Happy New Year!

  2. A lovely meander through your year and your lens Siobhan. I loved the beer bubbles (LOL) and the art images (especially the buffalo!). Thanks so much for your support of our challenge and for sharing your wonderful artistry.

  3. These are fabulous! Can’t wait to see what you see in 2022. I think the Yellowstone shot (I’ve never been) and the Coopers hawk are favorites. But that passageway is intriguing. I have a note to go back for the short story ..

  4. A lovely selection and I enjoyed the way you’ve grouped them by theme – much as I’m doing but far more self-disciplined than I’m managing to be πŸ˜†

    • Thank you! I took a lot of photos there and kept thinking they would look great in black and white. More to come…

    • Thanks and good wishes to you as well! I have to approve each comment before it posts so sorry I didn’t see yours until this morning.

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