Canada geese & goslings: BWPC

Though some consider Canada geese to be a “nuisance” species, they sure have cute goslings. I watched these young ones growing up fast in Bend, Oregon.

Canada geese & goslings

Here’s what they looked like a week later.

Waterfowl in Bend, Oregon

When I was out kayaking at Prineville Reservoir, these recently-hatched goslings struggled to conquer the huge-to-them wall.

Birds at Prineville Reservoir

With lots of encouragement from their parents, they finally made it. These little ones showed their incredible ability to adapt.

Canada geese & goslings

Canada geese are common in a wide variety of habitats. This pair nested on top of a cliff…

Cliff top geese

with a scenic view. Smart birds!

Prineville Reservoir

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11 thoughts on “Canada geese & goslings: BWPC

  1. Awesome shots! I love how you portrayed the whole cliff of their view. They are certainly resilient birds and yes have become a nuisance here in Florida. Those babies sure are cute though! 🙂

    • Thanks, Lisa! Yes, lots of goose poop on my walking trail yesterday but they’re still part of the local environment.

      • Goose poop can be quite the mess. Can’t complain too much when they are in their own environment. They have domesticated themselves here like other places. 🙂

  2. On my visits to New Jersey, it was common (especially in the last 15 years) to see a family of geese strolling down main streets. I think as flocks found new waterways, the “word” got relayed and brought in the multitudes.

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