Spectacular sights seen in blue & green: LAPC

I’ve been out and about more recently and photographed several spectacular sights seen in blue and green.

I thought the pictures deserved a story, so I made up a tiny tale to go with each one. At a virtual conference I attended yesterday, I learned a “micro-story” is a form of flash fiction with 300 or fewer words. I’m calling the following stories “mini-micros” since they range from 43 to 58 words. Not sure if they qualify as true stories, but they were fun to write.

Mini-micro tales

A crowd of manzanita shrubs watches a shifting skyscape in awe. Their pink blossoms open in silent applause. Snow-covered Cascade volcanoes rumble in the background, taking in the show from a safe distance. Steam billows from their peaks, merging with the dancing clouds.

Spectacular sights seen near Bend, Oregon
Paulina-East Lake Rd, Oregon

Clouds emerge from a crack in the ground on a chilly spring morning. They radiate outward from the ridgetop and tree branches stretch and reach towards them. Striated boulders celebrate by tumbling and crashing down a steep slope. An osprey drifting overhead crows in anticipation as another glorious day begins.

North shore of East Lake, Oregon
North shore of East Lake, Oregon

Deep in the forest, two bull elks battle in an intense fight for the right to mate with cows in their herd. Their horns clatter and lock together. The fight lasts so long they become frozen in place. Meanwhile, a young elk spike, the one everyone overlooked, bugles with joy.

The Battle by Rip Caswell
The Battle by Rip Caswell at High Desert Museum, Oregon

Over the years, Big Tree lost a bit of his height because of windstorms and bad weather, but he’s proud to keep his place in the record books. He tells anyone who will listen that he is the largest circumference Ponderosa pine in the world. Like many of us, Big Tree lost height and gained circumference as he aged. 😉

Big Tree in Oregon
500-year-old Big Tree at La Pine State Park, Oregon

I’ll share more spectacular sights seen recently in future posts. So much to see in the spring – one of my favorite times of the year!

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Blue & green

17 thoughts on “Spectacular sights seen in blue & green: LAPC

  1. Well I had a response all typed and then I lost it so hopefully this isn’t a duplicate – if so, sorry. What I TRIED to say is that your images are lovely as always and that I laughed out loud at your comment about the height and circumference of the gorgeous ponderosa pine. Sad but true 😊. I also commented that the elk are probably statues but are incredibly realistic. Terrific response for the week – great job on the stories

    • Thanks, Tina! No, I didn’t receive your other comment so thanks for resending it. Yes, those are life-size bronze sculptures at the Museum. I hoped that last story would make people smile. 😀

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    • Thank you, Rebecca! Apparently more people view longer posts, according to Search Engine Optimization advice, so you’re doing a great job. I struggle to make mine longer. 😉

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