Birds on my Christmas tree: LAPC & SS

Many of us won’t be celebrating the holidays with close relatives, but we’ve grown closer to bird “families” in our yards. Interest in birding is soaring and people are flocking to this activity during the pandemic. I’m sharing the joy of birds in these photos of ornaments I’ve collected over the years.

Bluebirds capture the essence of the sky in their plumage. I’m hoping we have more bluebird days to look forward to soon.

Birds in my tree 19December2020
Mountain bluebird

Flocks of whooping crane birds fill the landscape with their unique “unison” call. Maybe people can heed the call towards unison in the upcoming year.

Whooping crane ornament December 2020
Whooping crane

Spotted owls swoop through a world full of uncertainties on outstretched wings. Finding the right course is not always easy.

Spotted owl ornament December  2020
Spotted owl

Cedar waxwing birds travel in groups known as an “ear-full.” Wearing ear-to-ear masks benefits everyone.

Cedar waxwing ornament December 2020
Cedar waxwing

Snowy owls have a “sit and wait” hunting strategy. It pays to be patient to reach your ultimate goal.

Snowy owl ornament December 2020
Snowy owl

Ring-necked pheasants have adapted well to living in a wide variety of situations. Roosting apart now, leads towards flocking together later.

Birds in my tree pheasant ornament December 2020
Ring-necked pheasant

Lens Artists Photo Challenge (LAPC) – And here comes the holidays

Sunday Stills (SS) – Lights

25 thoughts on “Birds on my Christmas tree: LAPC & SS

  1. Hello Siobhan – first the good news, I love your feathered friend ornaments which are so beautifully carved. Were they all from the same woodworker? We do love the little cedar waxwings here – especially when they’ve overindulged on the little berries that give them a bit of a buzz LOL. The bad news is your blog photos do not appear if I use my normal Safari network software. I was only able to see them when I went to firefox. Not sure what the problem is but I haven’t had issues with any other posts so either it’s an issue on your site or something about the connection between yours and mine. In any case, Happy Holidays to you and a best wishes for a joyful New Year.

    • Thanks for the compliments and for letting me know there are issues. I’ll try reducing the size of my images. We have had a ton of waxwings this year. Happy Holidays to you too!

  2. Skilfully woven together – birds and our situation in this world and this Christmas. Loved it – so well done! Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays!

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    • Thanks! Sorry you couldn’t like my post. I’ll contact support again. Did you click on the individual post, or did you go from my home page?

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