Waterfowl on the Deschutes: BWPC

At this time of the year, you see a lot of waterfowl on the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon. I paused to look at this group of mallards until…

Waterfowl on the Deschutes River December 2020

This happened. No he didn’t hit me, but I thought I better continue on my way.

Mallard flying at me! December 2020

Then I saw this big gray-white camera shy bird next to a pair of common mergansers. What is that?

Trumpeter swan & common mergansers December 2020

Oh! It’s a trumpeter swan, not a species I see very often here. It was all by itself.

Trumpeter swan % common mergansers December 2020

When I was almost at the end of my walk, I saw this group of buffleheads and mallards. I’ll just zoom in a little since they’re going in the same direction.

Waterfowl on the Deschutes River December 2020

Well the Canada geese and common goldeneye cooperated, but this bufflehead decided to go his own way.

Canada geese, bufflehead, common goldeneye December 2020

You never know what waterfowl on the Deschutes River will do next when they know you’re trying to photograph them. šŸ˜‰

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9 thoughts on “Waterfowl on the Deschutes: BWPC

  1. These are great! It’s a wonder that duck didn’t fly right into you! The Trumpeter Swan would be a life bird for me. We looked for them when we were in Montana but nope! Love the Buffleheads. I saw some the other day when I was driving and couldn’t stop. Didn’t matter, I didn’t have my camera anyway. Was just making a quick trip to the store. šŸ™‚

    • Yeah, that mallard was close! šŸ¦† The single swan was there for a couple weeks. Sad to see it alone. Hope you see one someday. The buffleheads are sweet little ducks. šŸ˜

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