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After recently covering indoor signs on my post about the National Neon Sign Museum, I thought I’d feature some unique roadside signs today.

A giant jackalope?

The first picture is of a unique animal of the Wild West. It’s a jackalope, part jackrabbit, part antelope. Maybe you’ve heard of them. Are they real or another legend of the West? Chainsaw carver Jarrett Dahl paid tribute to these animals in an impressive 40-foot sculpture near the iconic Wall Drug Store in Wall, South Dakota.

Giant jackalope

Completed in 2022, the jackalope is holding a sign that says, “Believe.” Though it looks like it’s just a big carving, it’s hollow inside with a stairway leading to a balcony. Inside, you’ll find carved jackalopes, murals, and 71 wood spirits, hidden within its cracks and crevices.

Devil’s Tower stories

The next sign is at the cafe and gift store by Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. You can see a bear next to the tower on the sign and the real tower in the background. In the oral stories of Native Americans, the tower formed in different ways. In several versions, a bear tries to claw its way to the peak, thereby creating its distinctive appearance.

unique roadside signs

Unique roadside signs with wings & wheels

The next two signs show an actual airplane and firetruck next to billboards. These eye-catching signs are for Firehouse Brewing Company in Rapid City, South Dakota. I liked the name “Smokejumper Stout” featured on one of the signs. This brewery, the oldest in the state, also features a restaurant and wines they create from a local vineyard.

unique roadside signs

Firehouse Brewing sign

The Metal Art Project

The next three signs featured the words “307 First.” I had no idea what that meant so I did a little research. This is part of the Metal Art Project. Their goal is to place 307 Western-themed metal art silhouettes along main highways in Wyoming.

As we zoomed across the state on Highway 20/26, I attempted to take drive-by pictures of a few of these pieces. You can see silhouettes of a stagecoach, buckaroo, and cowboy cooking over a campfire.

unique roadside signs

Buckaroo silhouette

cowboy at campfire

Caution! Antelopes ahead

I’m ending this post as I started it, sort of. The first picture was of a mythical, part antelope creature. The last one is to help protect real antelope, aka pronghorn. The sign says, “Caution. Antelope crossing highway at 55 mph.” If you’ve read my post about these animals, you know they are capable of running that fast.

unique roadside signs

Though it’s kinda hard to see, there’s another thing that makes this one of the unique roadside signs I chose to share. Someone wrote the word, “Gote” on the side of the pronghorn. Members of the Lewis and Clark expedition assumed they were goats at first. Nope, they are in their own family and unique, just like the featured signs shown on this post. ๐Ÿ˜

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27 thoughts on “Unique Roadside Signs: LAPC

  1. Great collection! We just traveled across Wyoming last week. Our route was from Green River north on the scenic route to Buffalo, then east to South Dakota, then north and east to Fargo.
    We missed the sculptures on 20-26, but the views of Wind River Country were gorgeous.

    • Thanks, John! Sorry you missed the silhouette sculptures. The Wind River Canyon is one of my favorite scenic drives. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Terrific choices this week Siobhan. When I was in Oregon visiting friends a few years back they showed me a metal sculpture of horses in a line crossing a wide open space. I’m wondering if that was one of the metal sculptures you discussed here. Loved the jackalope (a new one on me!) and the devil’s tower especially

    • Thanks, Sarah! I didnโ€™t realize they were part of a project until I got home. Next time we visit Wyoming, I’ll try to find more to photograph. ๐Ÿ“ธ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks, Sofia! Yeah, I wish I would have known about that project sooner. Next time we visit Wyoming, I’ll look more carefully.

  3. Great imagines of your road-trip. You always find such great trivial, like the “307 First”. Must have been fun to keep your eye out for the sculptures. I laughed at the jackalope. There is nothing like Wall Drug…or the road to get there. I especially loved the Devils tower sign with the tower in view.

    • Thank you, Donna! I wish I would have known in advance about the 307 First, but now I know what to look for next time. I think you are probably familiar with jackalopes. ๐Ÿ™‚ The roads to Wall Drug and Devil’s Tower were packed with people. Lots of us tourists out there!

      • Ya..thats the only downer, right? But we all go too and so it is what it is. Yes, I had only one, young child the first time we were exposed to the idea and of course my husband will convince anyone they are real.

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