Natural frame scenes: LAPC

A glistening serpent slithers through a natural frame of duckweed and sedges

White calla lilies, surrounded by leathery green leaves, enlighten

Crimson canna lily leaves punctuate a layered landscape of greenness

Framed maple trees rise above calm waters, enduring and strong

A natural frame of weeping spruce, arching over an enormous compass, guides the way

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Framing

17 thoughts on “Natural frame scenes: LAPC

  1. Very creative choices this week Siobhan. Loved the slithering serpent! I fully expected an image of a snake and voila! a fun surprise. Reminded me of the Harry Potter Slytherin House 😊

    • Thanks, Hammad! I have visited that garden in the fall and returned last month to see it with sunny skies and blooming flowers.

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