Special sights seen: LAPC

Today I’m sharing some special sights seen nearby.

I found this cool geode slice recently. It almost looks like it has an animal’s face on it, doesn’t it?

Special sights geode

…Or I used a mirror photography effect on an oval stone. The pointed thing on the very bottom is all that shows of my hand holding the geode.

I flew over this desolate-looking landscape on a recent trip.

seaside sculptures

…Or I took a picture of a sculptured seashore and cropped it. This area measured about two foot by three foot.

One day, I saw a flight of four dragons migrating across the sky.

special sights dragon clouds

…Or I drew on a few details over this skyful of wispy clouds.

Once I saw Orion the Hunter about to club the Space Station.

Skyview app

…Or I took a screenshot from my SkyView app at a funny moment.

While taking a shower, I noticed a piece of crumpled up garbage in the corner.

special sights frog in shower

…Or a Pacific treefrog hid itself by changing its color. Did you know they can do that? I’ve seen lime green ones, brown ones, and nearly black ones on our property.

I walk with caution in our yard because you never know when you might run into a cougar.

Cougar statue

…Or the life-size statue given to us by a friend is hard at work guarding the final resting place of our favorite housecat, Motor.

Did I trick you with any of these special sights? Hope you had a good April Fool’s Day!

Thanks for the funny challenge, Donna at Wind Kisses. 😀

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18 thoughts on “Special sights seen: LAPC

  1. I absolutely loved your approach today. it was fun and I definitely went back and looked at everything twice to make my decision. The second photos stumped me the most. Super fun. Look forward to next week!

  2. Clever tricks Siobhan! The desolate landscape was probably the most realistic and convincing, but I loved the little frog and had to laugh at Orion 😮

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