Guinness Storehouse visit

I’m sharing photos of a Guinness Storehouse visit on this Saint Patrick’s Day. The Storehouse is in Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland and it gets millions of visitors a year.

Guinness Storehouse sign

Guinness was first created in 1759 and the Storehouse where it’s made opened to the public in 2000. The best selling alcoholic drink in Ireland is Guinness. The exhibits at the Storehouse lead you through the history and manufacturing of this iconic beer.

Guinness Storehouse

I liked how the display boards had brief, informative explanations.

Hops description

Displays are also artistic and multimedia. This fountain was one of my favorites. I’ll share photos of their whimsical advertising displays in a future post.

Water display

Here’s one of the early mills used in the beer-making process.

Ganz Mill

This display shows how many bubbles are in every pint in a creative way.

Guinness Storehouse bubbles

Guinness Storehouse shows the steps that go into making beer in an engaging industrial art style.

beer making process

They take advantage of all the space available. The beam below these hanging models says, “The story of transporting Guinness stout is the story of transportation itself.”

Transportation display

These enormous pistons were impressive.

Guinness Storehouse

Light filters down from the upper floors into the interior of the seven-story building.

Interior of building

Sampling the stout

Tour participants each get a sample of freshly drawn Guinness stout.

Guinness beer

If you’re craving more, Guinness can be purchased in several establishments inside the building. We had these on the glass-lined upper floor. It had just been remodeled. Prince William and Kate Middleton visited a few days prior to our visit in March 2020.

Guinness beer

You get fantastic panoramic views of Dublin from this level.

Dublin view

You’ll see different versions of their logo throughout the building. You can read more about the Guinness harp in my post from last year.

Guinness harp

They have a great gift store on the bottom floor. I purchased a t-shirt with glittering gold details to remember my visit. I love this shirt’s green color.

Guinness t-shirt

Just outside Guinness Storehouse

You’ll find this sign a short ways from the entrance. It reads, “Stone Upon Stone Upon Fallen Stone” in English and Irish. It was created by Lawrence Weiner, an important figure in the conceptual art movement of the 1960s.

Stone Upon Stone

Horses and carts are just outside the entrance for visitors wanting to see more of the neighborhood.

Guinness horse drawn carts

There’s a lot to explore at the Guinness Storehouse. Give yourself plenty of time to take in the sights and enjoy a tasty brew or two. 🍻

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