Succulent mural in Bend: Monday Mural

This succulent mural is at River’s Place, a food truck pod on the east side of Bend. We are lucky to have at least seven of these “pods” where trucks can hook up to water and power to serve customers. Each pod has indoor seating with numerous beers on tap. They also host musicians, trivia nights, and other events.

This mural was created by Nicole Fontana, of Fontana Painting. Succulents are one of my favorite types of plants because they have so much variety. She captured that variety well.

I have featured Nicole’s work in a previous post featuring whimsical doors in Tumalo. I loved the detail in those paintings and in this succulent mural.

succulent mural

Monday Mural

8 thoughts on “Succulent mural in Bend: Monday Mural

  1. The artist has captured the colors so well, especially the shading. And I love the description of these pods – wish we had that type of thing in Montana! Joining you from Monday Murals.

    • Yes, she did do a nice job of shading! I have a couple succulent houseplants that do well here. Outside, cactus grows like crazy.

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