Peak peeks near and far: LAPC & RDP

Here are some peak peeks from near and far. These volcanic peaks are in the Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon.

The first picture shows a distant view of Mount Jefferson I took on a flight to Seattle. The small cloud hovering over its peak looks like a puff of smoke.

Peak peeks

Here’s a closer view of Mount Jefferson taken from the road near Madras, Oregon.

Mt Jefferson

This picture shows a distant view of Mount Washington. It’s the snowy peak in the middle of the photo.

Mt Washington

Here’s a closer view taken west of Sisters, Oregon. From certain angles, this mountain has a distinctive silhouette. It looks like it has a tiny pyramid-shaped peak on top of it.

Mt Washington

This view shows a distant view of the three Sisters peaks taken while on another flight.

Peak peeks in Oregon

Here’s a closer view of North and Middle Sister taken near Sisters, Oregon. These two peaks are in close proximity to each other. South Sister is located 3.3 miles to the south.

Middle & South Sister

These peak peek photos were taken in the spring and summer months in Central Oregon. The haze you see in some of these pictures is from wildfire smoke. At certain times of the year, agencies manage “prescribed burns.” Underbrush is intentionally burned to reduce the fuel load of potential future fires. This technique helps conserve our forests, but, unfortunately, drier conditions are making wildfires burn longer and cover larger areas.

I hope the rain expected later this week douses some of the long lasting fires in western North America. As always, we appreciate the work of firefighters who battle these blazes. We’re looking forward to clearer peak peeks!

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12 thoughts on “Peak peeks near and far: LAPC & RDP

  1. Beautiful photos of the Mount Jefferson. Wonderful to see these majestic mountains from ear and faro. Lve the second image. The three Sisters peaks, spectacular! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I visited the 3 sisters with good friends who live in Oregon some years back Siobhan. They quite beautiful and were (happily) snow covered during our summer visit. I was also impressed with the many waterfalls. You live in an amazing part of the country. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  3. Great selections from Oregon. It is sad to hear of the fires, and yet the haze you described brought a unique view to some of your photos. Normally is is so clear and crisp there. My favorite was the last, the Sisters.

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