Vintage word processor: Wordless Wednesday

vintage word processor

Vintage word processor circa 1877

Wordless Wednesday

11 thoughts on “Vintage word processor: Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh to hand-write with a decent pen is a joy, a humble old Bic being my weapon of choice, compared to the disappointment of low grade on and off biros and disconnectedness of writing with an Apple Pencil as I do now, it does save time, but it’s just staring at the digital device seems to obstruct my flow.

    • Yeah, I understand that. I used to write most of my work longhand but type everything now. I find my creativity increases when writing by hand in classes I sometimes take.

  2. Too funny – my brother still prefers the fountain pen for his “official” writing needs, but guessing he is in the definitely minority on that – seems like Siri is the writing method of choice lately ha.

    • Yes, your brother is in the minority but I understand his preferring fountain pens – sometimes. I’m using a cartridge pen for Inktober but my old dip pen would have given better results. However, I like using the speech-to-text tool in Word. It’s so much faster!

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