Memorable moments from home: LAPC

Trying to choose only three of my favorite photos for this challenge was very difficult. I decided to focus on memorable moments from home.

The first shows a glorious fall sunset behind my juniper tree muse. I like the combination of color, lightness and darkness, and texture in this photo. The branches of the western juniper tree seem to be directing a symphony of clouds.

best photos dusk desert sky

The second is a close up view of a different juniper tree’s bark. Though some see western junipers as an unwelcome invader in sagebrush habitats, I’m impressed by their beauty. Their rough bark varies in color, as does their wood. Wrinkles add to their character as they age. The birds in my yard are grateful for the shelter and food these trees provide.

memorable moments with juniper bark

The third picture is of my “pet” Cooper’s Hawk. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of her. On this day, she took an extended bath and spent a long time preening her feathers. Her fluffed up feathers, piercing gaze, and stance are not the typical view you get of these raptors. It was one of those memorable moments!

Cooper's hawk visited me

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Picking favorites

23 thoughts on “Memorable moments from home: LAPC

  1. All beautiful photos, but I especially love the Cooper’s hawk preening, creating a shawl of her feathers. And that spot of metallic green on her beak matches the background of pine needles nicely.

  2. Have to say I just love this trio. While I am partial to sunrise, this sunset is glorious. And the bark. Sigh. So great. I have never been able to get a good photo of a Coopers Hawk, so this is a real treat to see!

    • Thanks, Bonnie! The Cooper’s Hawk is attracted to the many birds visiting our water feature. We are lucky we get to see them so closely. 🙂

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