Real or surreal? Strange sights seen LAPC & RDP

I’ve noticed odd plants, animals, and natural features recently and wondered if they were real or surreal.

I had an odd feeling when my flight flew over Mt Rainier a few weeks ago. Just as we passed over its peak, this strange creature emerged from its depths. Yikes! I was glad I was able to take a quick snapshot before it disappeared.

real or surreal

While exploring Crack in the Ground on a June field trip, I was overcome by a sudden feeling of peacefulness. I paused when I noticed a movement from the corner of my eye. This benevolent Picasso face emerged from the rock walls and smiled and nodded at me.

Picasso rock face

On a recent hot afternoon, I dozed off in my comfortable recliner. I was awakened by a strange noise. A few feet away, I saw a weird creature. It had the head of a ground squirrel and the body of a cat. Was it real or surreal?

cat with squirrel head

We went for a walk at Yaquina Head on the Oregon coast a week ago. One of my dogs was hesitant to walk along the beach, and I had to tug on her leash. When I looked down, I figured out why. This slithering seaweed monster was watching her every move.

Seaweed creature

A week ago, while out for my sunrise walk, I wondered why it already felt so warm outside. Then I noticed these red hot poker plants with small flames sprouting from their flowers. No wonder I felt hot!

Real or surreal plants

On another smoldering day, I wandered aimlessly into the desert. My vision grew blurry and I rubbed my eyes. When I opened them, the world had changed. The colors were bright and intense.

The boulder next to me rumbled and shook in place. When I looked closer, I saw drawings of otherworldly beings on its face. Was it real or surreal? You be the judge.

real or surreal Petroglyphs

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Surrealism

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Snapshot

Note: The flame graphics in the red hot poker photo are from the following source:

Fire symbol vector created by macrovector_official –

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    • Thanks! I happened to have taken the picture of my cat last week and wondered how I could use it. Perfect challenge for it!

    • You’re welcome, Sarah! I was stumped at first but then new possibilities kept popping up in my recent archives. 😁

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