Dr Jolly’s colorful façade: Monday Mural

When cannabis was legalized for recreational use in Oregon in 2015, dispensaries popped up all around Bend. Dr Jolly’s is one of these appropriately named establishments.

The first picture shows a vibrant mural at the south end of the building. This looks like a color-filled view of Cascade peaks located near Bend. Red flowers and blue marijuana plants grow in the foreground.

Dr Jolly's mural

The second photo shows a view of the front of the building. A hand points the way to the entrance. Barbers poles, with green stripes instead of red, flank the doors.

Storefront in Bend

The artwork at this business was created by Janessa Bork and Josh Ramp, of VIVI Design Co., in 2020. Their website refers to Janessa and Josh as the “dynamic duo [who] founded VIVI in 2018 with a focus on unique tactile presence.” They create murals – inside and out, signs, menus, and other graphics. The pair’s impressive talent is on display at Dr Jolly’s and many other local businesses.

Monday Mural

15 thoughts on “Dr Jolly’s colorful façade: Monday Mural

    • Yes, I love the bright colors, Sarah! It’s legal in certain states but not at the federal level. Kind of weird.

  1. Very colourful mural and for sure quite unusual too 🙂 The name of the shop is quite funny too.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals

  2. The murals are so incredibly colorful. That large one on the side of the building with blue plants makes me think the artists may have been smoking some of Dr. Jolly’s product while they were coloring it!

  3. I was surprised a couple of years ago to find 4 dispensaries on the surroundings of an Oregon college campus. Hope that didn’t affect grades. Anyway, I like the mural.

    • Thanks, Art. Yes, they are common in some areas now. I’m sure they get a LOT of customers near a college! 😉

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