Focus on the eyes: LAPC

When you focus on the eyes of your subject, you make a connection with them to share with others.

The intense golden stare of an alert Great Horned Owl.

Focus on the eyes

The ghostly ice-blue eyes of a dog with ancestry from frozen lands.

Close up of dog

The chestnut brown gaze of an immense grizzly bear in motion.

Grizzly bear

The always searching orange eyes of a Cooper’s Hawk on the hunt.

Cooper's Hawk

The coalescence of green in a glance from a contented cat.

Close up of cat

The large, far seeing, deep brown eyes of a grazing pronghorn.

Focus on the eyes - pronghorn

A focus on eyes of different colors enlightens us all.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – The Eyes Have It

12 thoughts on “Focus on the eyes: LAPC

  1. Oh my goodness Siobhan, that opening owl is amazing – great catch! I guess I’m just a sucker for birds because I also really loved the hawk – those eyes are incredible! Excellent comparison between so many species with such different eye characteristics

    • Thank you, Sarah! Your comment accidentally went to spam and I just found it. I think one of my recent comments to you was also temporarily lost. We’re even now! 😁

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