Doors of Shaniko: LAPC & TD

Today I’m sharing pictures of the doors of Shaniko, Oregon. Once a bustling town known as “The Wool Capital of the World”, it later became a ghost town. Its current population is somewhere between 12 and 32, depending on the source.

The doors and doorways of abandoned and occupied buildings in Shaniko have a lot of personality.

From the curious…

doors of Shaniko

To the grand.

Old Hotel

From the rustic…


To the colorful.

Doors of Shaniko

From the practical…

Street in Shaniko

To the necessary.

Shaniko Paddy Wagon 15May2018

Though most of the people are gone, the doors of Shaniko live on.

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12 thoughts on “Doors of Shaniko: LAPC & TD

  1. It would be interesting to now the story of these doors. I can imagine so many scenarios. They must have seen a lot of people throughout their service life. I love the worn look, but they all seem like they could still be functional.

    • Yes, Dan, I’m sure they would have many stories to tell from the early 1900s. 🙂 So much history has touched those doors!

  2. Ghost towns are so wonderful for photography, aren’t they? These door photos are all great! But I can’t imagine living in a place with a population of just 12 – or even 32! London is just a tad under 9M 😮

    • Yes, ghost towns are great for photos! It would be hard to live in a place with so few people. Wow! I didn’t realize London’s population was so high. Large cities and small towns each have their advantages.

  3. What an interesting little town. I bet it was really bustling and crowded with people in its day. Such an interesting way to feature doors, thank you for sharing these!

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