High Desert voices of the many and the few: LAPC

High Desert voices can be heard throughout Central Oregon if you just pause and listen.

Bold shouts of the many

High desert voices Abert Rim
Lichen-covered boulders at Abert Rim

Quiet whispers of the few

Painted By The Earth Summer Lake, Oregon 30March2018
Stones layered with calcite at Summer Lake

Raucous calls of the many

High desert voices Summer Lake
Waterbird colony at Summer Lake

Soft bugling of the few

Sandhill crane
Sandhill Crane near Paisley

Rising chorus of the many

Desert evening primrose
Tufted evening primrose near Crack in the Ground

Descending notes of the few

Bitterroot 18May2016
Bitterroot blossom near Chimney Rock

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Minimalism/Maximalism

27 thoughts on “High Desert voices of the many and the few: LAPC

  1. This is a really beautiful post Siobhan – I love the way you characterized each of your images as voices – perfect. Especially loved your crane image.

    • Thank you, Tina! That field had a lot of white-faced ibises and a couple cranes. It was full of iris and camas.

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