Nanday Conure embroidery: First Friday Art

I did this Nanday Conure embroidery on a denim shirt for my brother when he had one as a pet. When I created this piece, I had never embroidered before so I used a running stitch throughout. Since the shirt was badly wrinkled when I took this picture, I dressed up the image by framing it. 😉

nanday conure embroidery

The next pictures show the birds in the wild. They used to be considered a type of parrot, but in 2005 additional research indicated they should be classified as a parakeet. They are also known as Nanday Parakeets or Black-hooded Parakeets. The Nanday Conure is native to South America but birds kept as pets and released are well established in parts of California, Texas, and Florida.

Picture of parakeets
Nanday Parakeets by Bernard DUPONT
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According to this article in The Spruce Pets, nandays are affectionate and intelligent, speaking up to 20 words. However, they can be loud and have a strong beak so they shouldn’t be kept in an apartment or around small children. Nanday Conures are known for being mischievous and may try to escape. Escaped birds pose a threat to native birds and, because of this, they’re not allowed as pets in many parts of the United States.

Bird feeding on berries
Nanday Parakeet by Shanthanu Bhardwaj

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