A tumbleweed snowman: Sunday Stills

I decided to make a tumbleweed snowman from the giant tumbleweed I recently found in my yard. In my previous post, Giant tumbleweed in my yard, I tried to show the scale of this tumbleweed. It measured 7 feet 6 inches across!

Since it’s December, I thought I might as well have some fun with it. We tied it to a tree to keep it from blowing away. I added a smaller tumbleweed to make a head.

 A tumbleweed snowman

It’s kinda hard to see his face so I zoomed in. The branches are spaced far apart on the top tumbleweed so his face is held on with a few twist ties. Can you see his lichen eyelashes and juniper nose and smile?

A crazy snowman
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A string of battery-powered lights added some holiday cheer.

Lighted tumbleweed snowman

Hope you enjoyed my High Desert tumbleweed snowman. Happy Holidays! 😀

Sunday Stills – Light the Night

25 thoughts on “A tumbleweed snowman: Sunday Stills

  1. He’s adorable, Siobhan, and you lit him up for the night! How festive! And that is a huge tumbleweed, but I thought you guys would get some snow up there? Enjoy your winter holidays and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • Thanks, Terri! Yes, it’s a BIG tumbleweed. We may have a white Christmas here, but we don’t usually get as much as where your nephew lives. Keeping my fingers crossed for snow! 🤞

  2. One way to get out of disposing of nature’s litter in your yard!! Love it..We had so many tumbleweeds in South Dakota where I grew up and little to stop them.

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