Sockeye salmon 2-sided rock: First Friday Art

Today I’m sharing a sockeye salmon 2-sided rock painting I created. On one side you see what this fish looks like when it’s spawning, and on the other side you see what it looks like at other times in its life cycle. They look SO different!

Sockeye salmon travel from the ocean to freshwater to spawn. Kokanee are a landlocked version of sockeye. If you’re lucky enough to catch one, they are especially delicious smoked.

Here’s a video of sockeye spawning in the Adams River in British Columbia, Canada. The 3-minute video, by Luke Gibson of Life of Luke, shows aerial and underwater shots of the fish. I loved his creative solution to filming underwater shots on a limited budget! A true artist will always find a way to work around obstacles.

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10 thoughts on “Sockeye salmon 2-sided rock: First Friday Art

  1. Your painted rock is stunning. I loved watching the salmon video – a sight I have always wanted to see in person.Thank you for finding this to share.

    • Thank you, Suzy! I have seen them spawning on Vancouver Island. We also had coho salmon spawn in our backyard where I used to live.

    • Thank you, Rebecca! I’ve seen salmon spawning before and it’s impressive. At our last place, coho spawned in the creek right behind our house. One day one of my dogs ate part of a carcass and then went for a car ride with me. Uh oh! Up it came. I always watched the dogs more closely after that but it was hard to keep them away from the fish.

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