Steam-filled Yellowstone landscapes: LAPC

During the chilly winter months, I sometimes think of the steam-filled landscapes of Yellowstone National Park. I wish I had a natural hot spring in my backyard. The thermal activity beneath Yellowstone is always producing steamy white clouds.

This view is from the Artists’ Paint Pots trail. Lots of contrasting colors and great views of the steaming basin from the top of the trail.

Steam-filled Yellowstone landscapes

This is a hot spring near Morning Glory Hot Spring, one of my favorite sites in the park. See the ravens enjoying the warm water?

Ravens at Yellowstone National PArk

Grand Prismatic has rainbow colors, layered soil, and lots of steam. Did you notice the bison tracks in the foreground?

Steam-filled Yellowstone landscapes

The bison spend time near the hot springs throughout the year. Here’s a pair grazing near a boardwalk trail.

Steam-filled Yellowstone landscape

Sometimes the steam blends in with dramatic cloud formations. This photo was taken at Excelsior Geyser moments before a downpour.

Excelsior Geyser

Mud Volcano used to have a 30-foot tall cone, but it blew apart before the park was established in 1872. Now this constantly boiling pot of gray mud produces wispy steam clouds that drift over the surrounding hills.

Mud Volcano at Yellowstone

This is Steamboat Geyser and when it erupts, it can shoot water 300 feet into the air. We missed its eruption by a few days. 🙁

Steamboat Geyser

The Norris Geyser Basin is a great place to see steam-filled Yellowstone landscapes. Just a reminder–this basin sits at 7,600 feet in elevation. I was the only one on the trail on this late-May day when a snowstorm moved in. Brrr!

Norris Geyser Basin

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20 thoughts on “Steam-filled Yellowstone landscapes: LAPC

  1. Wow, Siobhan. Lovely, lovely images of steam amidst this natural wonderland. Capturing steam isn’t easy! You did a great job. I must visit Yellowstone. Your photos are very enticing! I wouldn’t mind a sauna in my backyard.😀

  2. Such unique scenery, Siobhan, and of course for us entirely foreign as we don’t have any geysers here and very few hot springs. I’m assuming that visitors are kept at a distance from those spouts prone to “erupting” so as to stay out of the way of the explosion of boiling water?

    • Yes, lots of beautiful, bubbling scenery. The boardwalks and paths are a safe distance from the features, but every year someone steps off the path and gets injured. Tourists occasionally try to cook food in the hot springs. A big no no!

  3. Terrific subject for the S challenge Siobhan – love the scene where the steam meets the clouds especially. I loved the bizarre landscapes of Yellowstone – made me think of otherworldly places out in the stratosphere .

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