A Cooper’s hawk visited me: BWPC & SSPC

A couple weeks ago, a Cooper’s hawk visited my yard for two hours. She perched atop a snag for a long time grooming herself.

I’m guessing this was a female because it was a big bird with orange eyes. Females are larger in size than males. Cooper’s hawk eyes can be yellow, orange, or red. Mature males have deep red eyes but few females do.

Here are a few photos of her close up.

Coopers hawk visited me
Bird scratching its head
Coopers Hawk visited me

And here are a few photos from a little bit farther away. She was trimming her talons and flipping her head around to groom hard to reach places.

When this Cooper’s hawk visited my yard, I couldn’t stop watching her. She was so entertaining!

Hawk trimming its talons
Bird grooming itself
Bird grooming itself
Coopers hawk visited me

While this hawk was in my backyard, there was not a single songbird in sight. We don’t have bird feeders, but the songbirds flock to our water feature. The hawks have figured out it’s a fly through fast food restaurant.

These images aren’t in perfect focus but they make a funny GIF. See her yawning and tapping a foot?

Coper's hawk yawning and stretching in Bend, Oregon 5 February 2021

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27 thoughts on “A Cooper’s hawk visited me: BWPC & SSPC

    • Thanks, Lisa! I took more pictures of her while she stood in a small creek for 40 minutes. I’ll save those for another day. 🙂

    • Thanks! There was not a single songbird in our yard while she was there. I think she may have taken a flicker (and who knows what else).

  1. We have one of these beautiful birds who resides in a nearby tree and uses the bird feeders in our backyard as a buffet. The smaller birds hide in the hedges around the feeders but she just goes in after them. But, judging from the piles of feathers, doves caught in the open are her favorite snack.

    • Yes, we have a backyard buffet too. I saw a Cooper’s hawk take a dove right outside our sliding glass door. They have figured out where to go for an easy meal.

  2. What a treat! Great preening shots there, Siobhan. Guess we could put her with my male from this week and we would have baby Coopers. LOL! I love your GIF too. Quite entertaining! Looking forward to seeing the other photos at some point. 🙂

    • Thanks, Dianne! I’ve been experimenting with different settings taking pictures with my phone through a spotting scope. I’m glad the bird stayed so long so I could get some good shots. 🙂

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