Belted kingfisher drawing & photo: BOTD

Belted kingfisher in flight by Siobhan Sullivan October 2019

I drew this stylized picture of a belted kingfisher in flight several years ago. These interesting songbirds nest in horizontal burrows near shorelines. The tunnels range in length from 1 – 8 feet. Tunnels as long as 15 feet have been found.

This drawing is of a male bird. Belted kingfishers are one of the few songbirds where the female is more colorful. They have an additional orange-colored breast band.

While out walking my dog on the Deschutes River Trail this morning, I caught a glimpse of a male belted kingfisher perched on a tree limb. A lucky sighting! He was kind of far away but I had time to snap a quick shot before he flew.

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9 thoughts on “Belted kingfisher drawing & photo: BOTD

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful drawing and a snapshot, too. Kingfishers are my muse–and I look for them everywhere there is water–often hearing first. Elusive and snazzy birds! Nice shot on the Deschutes..

  2. Thank you for drawing attention to my favorite bird–and your lovely sketch is wonderful. I look for them on the Deschutes, too, and am always happy when I hear one or see one. Last summer, paddleboarding proved to be a reliable way to find a kingfisher–Dillon Falls and upriver.

    • Thanks. I thought of you when I posted that one. They are cool birds! I’ll look for them at Dillon Falls next time I’m up that way.

      • I am reading from my kingfisher manuscript Thursday November 14 at 7 pm at The Workhouse by sparrow bakery.
        Joining Ellen Santasiero who will read from her memoir.
        Maybe you can come?
        We will have a poster ready soon.

      • I’ll try to go. I may read a short story. Hope it’s not as cold as it’s supposed to be tonight ! 😄

      • Oops! I thought you meant the Wordsmith Wednesday thing they have there. Just checked my calendar and, unfortunately, my writing group is meeting on the 14th. Hope your reading goes well!

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