Winter Walks in Bend: LAPC

Winter is a special time of the year here in Bend. Winter walks around the neighborhood are highlighted with landscapes covered in snow and ice.

He who marvels at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter.

John Burroughs
Winter Walks Art Station 9March2019

Buildings are blanketed with snow and edged with icicles.

Old Mill, Bend, Oregon 9March2019

Twisting trails are carved through snowdrifts.

Meandering rivers are covered with a cool layer of ice.

Bare branches are clothed in frost and snow.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Around the Neighborhood

11 thoughts on “Winter Walks in Bend: LAPC

  1. I must admit, we’ve summered in Bend and enjoyed it immensely but it would take a great deal of pushing to get me there for the snow! Beautiful photos of a beautiful neighborhood SB

    • Thanks! Yes, that sign is part of the the Bend JOY Project. It helps spread messages of kindness throughout our community. 😊

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