Silent barks: WPC

Silent barks speak with voices needing to be heard.

Silent Barks Western Juniper 8August2016Unknown worlds are tucked into their cracks and crevices.

Silent Barks Paper Birch 16February2018Layers peel away to reveal glimpses of their hearts.

Silent Barks Quaking Aspen 18November2018Their eyes gaze at us with infinite wisdom.

Silent Barks Hemlock 12February2016They sometimes wear disguises to cover up who they are.

Silent Barks Alder 3June2016But by peeking under silent barks, we learn we are all the same beneath.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Out of This World

15 thoughts on “Silent barks: WPC

  1. Fabulous shots …. I have an absolute fascination with different barks on trees and it is great to see such a wonderful and varied selection on a page!

  2. I love your photos of bark. The different textures and colors. The way some bark peel and strip away. The patterns. Such a delight to see these images and your words accompanying them

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