12 thoughts on “Barn swallows times three

  1. This is amazing! I can imagine your delight when you were able to take this photo. I particularly liked learning that older siblings sometimes feed their kin. Lyn

  2. I love this. I love Barn Swallows and had many generations nest each year under a back door roof. I could stand at my window, just 3 feet away and watch the whole life cycle, including what you wrote about.

    A few years back, they found a new nesting place but every May, I still see the scouts, swirling in the sky above my house, looking for their last-year’s home I guess.

    I wish they’d come back.

    Thanks so much for your post. Let me know if you’d like to read mine on Barn Swallows. I’d be honored to share it.

    Happy New Year and Growth.

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