Peek-a-boo view of flicker

View of flicker in western juniper nest 19June2017

Some birds you hear long before you see them. I was happy to follow the sound of a northern flicker’s calls to discover it was nesting on our property. Here is peek-a-boo view of it looking out from its nest cavity in a western juniper tree. Their markings are loud and sharp – just like their calls. I know the birds won’t be in their nest for long, but I am glad to catch glimpses of them glimpsing at me.

Northern Flicker2 11-14-2015

Weekly Photography Challenge – Transient

18 thoughts on “Peek-a-boo view of flicker

  1. We used to see these around Vancouver – and some of us tried to get the flicker named our official bird, since Vancouver is where Flickr was founded. No luck there – they named the recently resident Anna’s Hummingbird instead. The flickers appeared to have been chased away by the now ubiquitous crows.

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