Similarities and differences on display: LAPC

Last week, I showed symmetrical displays of history at the Museum of the American West in Lander, Wyoming. However, history is not always balanced. A good museum shows our similarities and differences. Here are more items on display at the Museum.

At times, our differences stand out.

similarities and differences

Though what we wear differs, from practical and utilitarian…

Cowboy clothing

To ornamental and symbolic, our clothing reflects who we are.

Native American beadwork

Our everyday tools may be manufactured for specific purposes…

Similarities and differences

Or made to last from pieces of the earth.

Native American tools

Where we live may be colorful and compartmentalized…

similarities and differences Pioneer Village

Or simple and serene.

Teepee in Lander

Though we may dress and live differently, we all treasure the place we call home.

Our similarities and differences are on display at this and other museums. Consider them to be places to pull us together, not push us apart.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Asymmetry

22 thoughts on “Similarities and differences on display: LAPC

  1. Love the presentation about similarities and differences. And your photos are such a great reflection of what makes that work. That teepee by the river feels like euphoria. Whenever we visit ruins, or old camps, I immediately start looking around to see where the river would/should have been. That is true in every sense of survival. Great post, Siobhan.

    • Thanks, Donna! Yes, the teepee was in a nice, serene setting. We are drawn to rivers, even though they form a type of barrier. Some divisions can be forded.

  2. Fascinating. Is that ‘safe’ countryside to drive through? I thought about that returning from Jackson to Denver but opted for bigger highways at the time.

    • The roads were great in early June. We saw a lot of pronghorn east of there. However, Lander sits at 5,358 feet in elevation and gets almost 60 inches of snow annually so winter travel could be challenging.

  3. This post made me smile because I liked it but also because I contemplated using some shots similar to your first and third photos except mine are from Bradford Brinton Museum in Wyoming. I really like what you did with the topic.


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