Pioneer Village in Monochrome: LAPC, WPCC

While taking pictures of the Pioneer Village in Lander, Wyoming, I immediately thought of how they would look in sepia tones. I wanted to focus on their structure and emphasize their age.

The Pioneer Village buildings are part of the Museum of the American West. The main museum showcases a wide variety of artifacts from people who lived in this area in the mid-1800s to early-1900s.

The Guinard Cabin, circa 1902, has a rough plank and mortar construction. The overall brown color in the picture below hides the presence of a garden hose. A windmill and teepee blend into the background.

Pioneer Village

This storage shed and Saloon would fit right into an old time neighborhood.

Old cabins

The sepia tones highlight the lines on the Coutant House, circa 1890. There are great horizontal, vertical, angled, and rounded lines on this porch.

Pioneer Village

The rough construction of this Saloon’s exterior stands out in monochrome. The Hornecker Cabin was built in the early 1900s and renovated to show what early day saloons looked like.

Replica Saloon

Inside, supporting beams on the ceiling catch your eye. The mismatched furniture gives it a more realistic feel.

Replica Saloon

The Lander Fur and Wool Company building is a small, peeled log structure. The H.A. Smith Cabin is circa 1918.

Pioneer Village

The monochrome processing highlights the many textures and shapes inside this building. The sepia tones make everything appear older.

Lander Fur & Wool company

You can view short videos about each building on the Museum’s website. The buildings shown were moved from locations nearby.

Fort Rock Valley Homestead Village Museum in Oregon is similar to this site.

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14 thoughts on “Pioneer Village in Monochrome: LAPC, WPCC

  1. A wonderful subject for the week’s challenge Siobhan. The sepia tone really does take one back in time to what the world must have look like so long ago. Terrific responses.

  2. This is over the top, Siobhan. Your documentation along with your photos is outstanding. That you chose sepia makes it stand out. Personally, I think you should send a link to the Pioneer Village.

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