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“Monkey tree can’t pinch me!” I remember saying that as a kid every time we drove past one of these odd trees on the way to our grandparents’ house. We would try to be the first one to pinch our siblings before they could pinch us. Did anyone else play that game?

Monkey tree can't pinch me
Monkey puzzle tree in Silverton, Oregon

Monkey puzzle trees, Araucaria auracana, are native to Chile and Argentina but grow well in many parts of the world. In their native habitat, they grow to a height of 100-130 feet, but in gardens in North America mature at 30-40 feet.

Their common name originated in 1850 when Charles Austin, who was visiting a friend’s garden in England, remarked, “It would puzzle a monkey to climb that.” Those triangular leaves have sharp edges and tips!

Close up of tree
Close up of Monkey puzzle tree leaves, Silverton, Oregon

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5 thoughts on “Monkey tree can’t pinch me!: TTL

    • Our pinching game happened when I lived in Seattle as a kid. When I looked it up, there are variations of it around the country. I’ve never heard of “sewing bugs.” It’s funny to think back on some of the things that entertained (and frightened) us as kids. 🙂

  1. Never heard a tree like that but looking at the branches, I am thinking of a Christmas tree. Thanks for joining Siobhan and good to have you around after long. 🙂 See you on the 14th!

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