Simple scenes I’ve seen: LAPC

Simple scenes I’ve seen in Oregon

Ripples of sand forming near a single log

Simple scenes at sea

A foggy mist surrounding a lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

A golden sunset shining within a blurred landscape

simple scenes sunset

A skeletal forest standing tall after a wildfire

Burned forest

A Mountain Bluebird mirroring the blue of an ombré sky

Simple scene bluebird

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Simplicity

27 thoughts on “Simple scenes I’ve seen: LAPC

  1. oh, how I love mountain bluebirds. And this one perfectly perched on a treetop for you. I have always found them hard to photograph because they are always darting around, so, well done. Love your photos with suggestion of simplicity-the sunset and the foggy lighthouse. My favorite is the log on the beach. Fascinating the way the wind and water give is art in untouched sand. (well untouched by us)

    • Thanks, Donna! Yeah, the bluebirds in my yard are camera shy. This one was about a mile away. I liked the lone log too!

      At this very moment, I’m at the Oregon Garden. I may have taken one or two pictures while here. 😉 Lots of things blooming. Also did the Frank Lloyd Wright tour. Tomorrow, I’ll do a couple short hikes to waterfalls, then head home. Lots to do in your old stomping grounds!

      • Oh man!!! thank you. I love it there so much. No doubt it has changed. I just stumble across some photos from a vintage car show held there, years ago. They did such an outstanding job at placing the cars in harmony with colors etc…

  2. So beautifully, you have presented the images for the challenge, Siobhan.
    Amazing collection! I loved every image.
    Thank you so much. I love every image.
    Each image simply tells a story.
    The sand ripples tell us that the transient nature of our life and how we must embrace the changing nature of our life and world.
    The combination of lighthouse & fag teaches us the importance of guidance during challenging times!
    What about A skeletal forest standing tall after a wildfire? It’s teaching us resilience and renewal!
    As a photographer, I need not tell, what a story a Sunset conveys.
    The perching of the bird teaches us freedom and independence.
    Thank you so much for joining us for this challenge.

    • Thanks, Marlene! Yes, you’re right about the lighthouse. A simple log can speak in its own way. 🙂

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