The Gordon House-Frank Lloyd Wright

This Frank Lloyd Wright house in Silverton, is the only one designed by the well-known architect in Oregon. The Gordon House was designed in 1957 and completed in 1963. When new owners wanted to tear it down in 1997, it was moved from Wilsonville to Silverton. It was carefully refurbished and opened to the public in 2002. It looks right at home, surrounded by stately oak trees.

This house was designed as part of the Usonian series, structures meant to provide affordable housing for working class people.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Though I only looked at the Gordon House from a distance, private tours are available of the inside for a small fee. For a higher fee, up to four people can spend the night in this beautiful house.

Gordon House

Here’s a peek of the inside and outside of the house. I hope to go on the tour soon to get a closer look. 🙂

10 thoughts on “The Gordon House-Frank Lloyd Wright

  1. The tour of the house is certainly worth the fee. Lots of information about the design and construction.

  2. I really like Frank Lloyd Wright’s work and would definitely want to tour this house! I can’t imagine owning one of his buildings and wanting to tear it down!

  3. We are huge Frank Lloyd fans and try to get to as many of his works as possible on or trips. Tthis is a new one for me, will definitely put it on our list to see!

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