The anticipation of spring: LAPC

The anticipation of spring is a memorable time of the year

Some celebrate spring’s arrival with dancing and bugling songs

anticipation of spring

Others pair off with thoughts of creating families

pair of swans

Some blend into the background, unnoticed


Until their moment of celebration arrives


Some look back, remembering the weight of winter

Cactus with snow

Others look ahead, with the anticipation of spring

anticipation of spring

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Mood

22 thoughts on “The anticipation of spring: LAPC

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  2. While my mood is dampened by the arrival of autumn (and what actually feels like the first day of winter today!) your beautiful images helped a lot!

    • Sorry you’re experiencing cooler Temps there, Marilize. Glad I could bring you glimpses of spring! 🌞

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