Mountain scene table: First Friday Art

I created this mountain scene table with my husband twenty years ago. He made the table from milled birch wood and vine maple, cut from our property. I designed, painted, and carved around the mountain scene on the table’s top.

mountain scene table

Here’s a picture of the table while I worked on it. I painted the mountain scene with acrylics and used different colored stains on the game boards to mimic marquetry. Real marquetry uses different colors and types of wood that is cut and pieced together.

Mountain scene table

One of the details you may not notice at first, is the border. I included animals important to local Native Americans. In this section, you can see a jay, loon, otter, heron, beaver, and part of a coyote.

table border

I loosely based the scene depicted on things in and around our house in the foothills of the Cascades in Washington state. The mountaintop between the game boards is Mt Pilchuck. We used to live a short distance away from the mountain. Here was the view from our front porch.

Mt Pilchuck

We also had a year-round creek in the backyard. Coho salmon spawned there. Can you see the rope swing on the right side of the picture?

Woodland creek

Though we no longer live at that woodland house, I still have my mountain scene table to remind me of what I left behind. To see another table we made, see Mt Pilchuck & Eagle table.

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12 thoughts on “Mountain scene table: First Friday Art

  1. What a warm and beautiful furniture memoir of your glorious former home. I love all the loving detail and know it will be a cherished object passed down in your family. Did you actually use the game boards? Such a clever addition.

    • Thanks so much! No, we didn’t use the game boards. We never made the game pieces as originally planned. 😉

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